To my mom on her birthday

Happy birthday in Heaven, Mom. I wish we could be together to celebrate the day you came into this world.

I always enjoyed making your birthday special by picking out the perfect card and finding a present I thought you would love. You would have been thrilled with anything I gave you, though.

I miss watching you blow the candles out on the birthday cake dad would buy you on his way home from work.

I wish I could see your beautiful smile once more as we sing the Happy Birthday Song to you. I know one more time would never be enough, though.

Since you left us, I have had to find new ways to celebrate December 14. I once thought about buying you a birthday card and laying it on your grave, but I couldn’t bring myself to do this. Now, I avoid the “Happy Birthday to Mom” card section at Hallmark. Dad and I pick out flowers, instead, and place them on your stone. We went a little wild this year and bought poinsettias that have some sparkle to them. The arrangement is really pretty, and it reminded me of how much you enjoyed having poinsettias in the house during Christmas. Then I laughed when I remembered the year you panicked because you thought our cat ate some of the poinsettia and was going to die. The cat was fine, but that was the last year you bought real plants.

I love you, pretty lady, and miss you each day. Even though the days of me picking out birthday cards and perfumes are long gone, I want you to know that my forever gift to you is living a life that is fulfilling; a life I believe you would be proud of. I know you prayed for me and spent many hours worrying about me, but I’m OK. I’m thriving because of you and for you.

Happy birthday, Mom.


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