Can I get a snow day redo? I messed up my first one

#Snowmageddon #Snowpocalypse #snOMG

Or whatever you want to hashtag this winter storm. All those clever doomsday social media word mashups mean the same thing — the possibility of a snow day.

This is the first winter in many years that I have had the luxury of looking forward to a snow day. My first year out of college, working my first big-girl job, I learned that the newspaper industry doesn’t care if the roads are deemed not-driveable by the state highway patrol and your bosses give zero fucks about your safety. Their only concern is whether or not you’re at your desk cranking out newspaper pages. Calling out because of a little snow and ice is not an option.

Now, I have a regular 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and can “enjoy” a nice day at home when the weather shuts down my place of employment. That’s exciting, right? Right?

Enjoy is the operative word in that last sentence.

I’m here to tell you, the idea of a snow day is so much better than actually being stuck in your house for 24-plus hours. At this point, I’m going crazy.

A winter storm rolled into my part of North Carolina Thursday night, dumping several inches of snow and ice. I was so excited when I woke up Friday morning to get ready for work and had an email saying campus was closed and non-essential employees did not need to report to work.

I immediately thought of all the fun things I could do while being snowed in. I was going to watch hours of Netflix, catch up on my laundry, play in the snow with the new puppy, cook, maybe do a little cleaning. Nope, none of these activities were done.

I would guesstimate that 80 percent of my Friday snow day was spent trying to convince my dogs to go outside and use the bathroom in this mess. These little divas are definitely not interested in pissing in freezing rain and snow. I honestly don’t blame them, though.

How I actually spent my snow/ice day:

  • I called out “Lucy” 50 million times so the new puppy could learn her name. Did it work? No. She still doesn’t answer to Lucy, but Piss Stain seems to warrant a better reaction. At least she turns to look at me when I call her that.
  • As much as I truly wanted to do laundry, I couldn’t. I had enough laundry detergent for one load. It’s one of those things I didn’t think to check for before going to the store the night before the storm. Now I know to make sure I have plenty of detergent when my next snow day rolls around.
  • I picked out my summer wardrobe on Pinterest. This is how I know being cooped up all day messed with my head — I pinned multiple crop tops and rompers, two things I swore I would never put on my body. The snow must have made them appealing, so Stitch Fix, send ’em my way.
  • Lucy was not as interested in playing outside as I thought she would be. It was just too cold for her chubby puppy feet. She was, however, down for long cuddle sessions on the couch. Clearly, she has found the right home.
  • I tried planning our upcoming road trip to Florida. I wanted to figure out a couple of fun stops and places to eat along the way since this is Justin’s and my first long road trip together, just the two of us. However, Lucy started climbing all over the keyboard the moment I sat down on the couch with my computer.
  • I couldn’t even get Netflix turned on because of Food Network. When I wasn’t tossing my dogs out the front door to go to the bathroom I was drooling over everything The Pioneer Woman made, then getting mad because I didn’t have the ingredients to recreate her dishes and couldn’t go to the store because my driveway was a solid sheet of ice.
  • I did manage to shower AND wash my hair. Can I get a round of applause for that? However, I spent a substantial amount of time after my shower debating whether or not I should put on jeans or just put on a clean pair of jammies.
  • I beat 20 levels of Candy Crush. I would have beat more but stupid Odus kept falling down.
  • Since the sidewalk behind our townhouse was an icy deathtrap, I considered bringing the cornhole boards inside and playing in the living room. That would have required me to actually go outside to the storage shed to retrieve the boards, and I was comfy and warm on the couch. It WAS a grand idea, though. Maybe for my next snow day.
  • I got domestic and made a peach cobbler.
  • Finally, and saddest of all, I muted the TV and just listened to the freezing rain hitting the windows, wishing I could go to Home Depot to buy the things I needed to make the DIY bench I pinned on Pinterest.

I know, you are super jealous of my snow day.

While all these activities sound super exciting, I was bored AF (as the kids these days would say). Not being able to leave your house is possibly the worst thing ever.

But, hey, now I know how to better prepare for my next snow day:

  • Stock My kitchen with every possible item I might need to make things like carnitas and spicy mango salad. Thanks for making me realize my grocery store trip was inadequate, Ree Drummond.
  • Have any and all tools and materials on hand to complete a Pinterest project. You never know when you’re going to want to build your own home bar.

Honestly, I would have been happily snowed in if I could have just built shit and cooked good food.


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