I bet Kate Middleton never rips her pants

I admire Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She is my idol and the definition of a classy, intelligent, and poised woman. I often find myself studying images of her and taking notes on the natural way she carries herself, how she appears to hold her own, and how her fashion — from blue jeans to ball gowns — showcases her lovely figure without being overly revealing. Her ability to look gorgeous and sophisticated in practically any attire is what I hope to match with my day-to-day clothing. When I shop, I often I ask myself “Would Kate wear this?”

I am not a Royal, however, and while I fancy myself as somewhat stylish, like Her Royal Highness I am no stranger to the occasional wardrobe malfunction. Like today when I managed to pop the stitches on the backside of a brand-new pair of pants and strut around my office for God only knows how long before I noticed that my rear was exposed.

My first thought was “Noooooo, not again!” Yes, that signifies that I have torn my pants in this very unfortunate area more than once — today marks the third time, to be exact. 

“This would never happen to Duchess Kate,” I thought. “Oh, wait,” I remembered, “even my idol is privy to fashion blunders.” No, I have never seen a picture of her wearing pants split up the rear, but my girl has had her fair share of mishaps over the years.

As I reached around my bum and felt my flesh peeking through the rip that was the length of my thumb, the only thing I could do was laugh. Laugh at the fact that this keeps happening to me, laugh that at least it was 5 p.m. and time for me to go home, laugh because I am only human, and laugh because that’s what I think Kate would do.

If this woman, who is very much in the public eye, can still wear a smile while photographers capture her bare butt as the wind blows up her skirt, then surely I can walk out of my office with my head held high and my cardigan wrapped around my waist to hide the hole in my pants and try not to think about how many people saw my bottom.

If there is one thing that I have learned in 26 years of life, it’s that things happen that are beyond my control and having the ability to laugh at myself during those embarrassing times is what keeps me moving forward.

I’m not going to lie, though, after splitting the backside of three pairs of pants over the last two years, I now live in fear that I’m going to do it again. I mean, how many times can a person rip her pants in public? Well, when you have the luck I have, you start preparing for anything and everything by carrying a change of clothes with you when you leave the house. And, you make sure to pack your sense of humor, too.


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