Stocking stuffers for him

Stockings are possibly my most favorite part of Christmas morning. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I look forward to rummaging through that oversized sock more than anything else — slowly reaching my hand all the way to the bottom to reveal all sorts of prized knickknacks I probably do not need.

I don’t just love getting a stocking, though, I cherish stuffing Justin’s stocking, too. And yes, the 13-year-old that lives inside of me is fighting the urge to make an inappropriate joke out of that statement. I’ll spare you, though.

Even during the Christmases that Justin and I were already struggling to put food on the table each day, we still managed to fill our stockings with small trinkets in an attempt to keep this holiday tradition alive.

So, believe me when I say that Christmas stockings are my thing and I believe that I have mastered the fine art of filling them — sometimes even over filling them — with goodies. I take the time each year to find a variety of items for my fella’s stocking — from toys and games to candy and coffees and CDs and socks and beyond.


1. Beef jerky and/or Slim Jim; 2. Candy (I am such a sucker for the holiday candy that comes in the candy cane shaped tubes); 3. Mints & gum; 4. Golf balls/golf tees/golf glove (or any small athletics paraphernalia); 5. CD and/or DVD (I might be the only person left who still buys actual CDs); 6. Silly Putty and/or Play-Doh (or any small toys); 7. Hot chocolate for the Keurig; 8. New toothbrush; 9. Fresh bottle of face wash; 10. Mini bottles of his favorite booze; 11. Fun novelty socks; 12. Burt’s Bees; 13. Big League Chew; 14. Razors; 15. Snacks such as Welch’s fruit snacks, Clif bars, and a small can of Pringles (or a package of mixed nuts); 16. Hand sanitizer; 17. Window decal from his favorite sports team; 18. Christmas ornament (this has become an annual tradition in our house); 19. Lint roller; 20. Car air freshener; Basically anything meant for small children on the stocking stuffer aisle at Target works as a great filler for grown men with a sense of humor.



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