My New ‘Beers’ Resolution: Drink More NC Brew

Despite — or perhaps because of — the crap storm that has been 2016, this year actually was the year of good beer for this gal.

This was the year that I jumped head first into craft beer and learned to fully appreciate the art of brewing — particularly, in my home state of North Carolina where the craft beer industry has more than a $1.2 billion impact on the state.

I grew up just outside of Asheville — a small town in the mountains of western North Carolina known for being a leading city in the craft beer scene — so good beer made by good folk has always held a special place in my heart.

Therefore, in an attempt to not only show my appreciation for this industry but also to expand my palate, continue the streak of good beer I began in 2016, and share my finds with those who also enjoy a quality pour, I am making only one resolution for the new year: To only drink beer made in North Carolina.

You are probably thinking, who is this girl? Who vows to drink more beer in the new year? I say as I slowly raise my hand to answer my own question.

Hello, my name is Hali and I promise to drink all the beers in 2017.

And when I put it like that, it doesn’t sound so great.

That is not what I am saying, though. No, this just means that I am putting down the Bud Light for the next 12 months (sad, I know) and picking up a wider selection of brews unique to our state.

I am going to be chasing those hard-to-get beers, exploring more local bottle shops, visiting breweries that I have never been to (and spending more time at my favorites, of course), and sharing my beer chronicles through monthly updates here on Dammit, Hali, and on Instagram, Twitter, and Untappd.

Happy New Year and New Beers!

Cheers, y’all!

Follow Hali’s NC brew tour on Twitter & Instagram: @HaliDawnLedford, and on Untappd: @HaliDawn.


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