I’m Wearing Chacos to my Wedding and This is Why

Wedding Chacos

We are about three months away from our wedding day and I feel like things are finally falling into place.

Which is great for my sanity and that of my soon-to-be husband.

I recently celebrated a promotion at work and the end of my first semester back in school — if you didn’t know, I am pursing a master’s degree — by ordering my wedding shoes: A pair of custom-made Chaco sandals.

From the moment Justin and I started planning our big day — before I had a dress or even a venue — I knew I would walk down the aisle with Chacos on my feet.

My mom bought me my first pair of Chacos in 2008, about one year before she passed away. They were one of the last gifts she gave me, and even though they are past the point of wearability, those sandals will always have a place in my closet because of the special memory tied to them.

In 2013, my fella gave me my second pair of Chacos as an anniversary gift when he saw that the ones I cherished from my mama were no longer functional. Then, last year, our new puppy Lucy chewed through the main straps on one of the shoes and they had to be sent back to Chaco for repairs.

My Chacos have joined me for every adventure over the last (almost) decade.

They have stood in the Pacific Ocean and laid on the sun-drenched sand of East Coast beaches.

They have stumbled down Bourbon Street at 2 a.m. and climbed some of the most beautiful peaks in the hills of Carolina.

They have hopped between Walt Disney World theme parks (on multiple occasions) and plunged into the freezing water of hidden mountain swimming holes.

They have discovered new breweries near and far and ventured down the sidewalks of unfamiliar cities.

These shoes have seen a lot, and they have been good to me along this journey.

A Decade of Chacos

Now, nearly 10 years after receiving my first pair of Chacos, I am gifting myself a new pair for the day that Justin and I begin our greatest adventure yet.

For most, these are just another pair of “hippie sandals,” but for me they are much more. And I could not imagine saying “I do” to my best friend in any other shoes.

Dammit, Hali


3 thoughts on “I’m Wearing Chacos to my Wedding and This is Why

  1. I’m wearing Chacos for my wedding in July! My fiancé thinks I’m crazy but they’re my adventure buddies, I couldn’t imagine my big day without them!


    1. That’s awesome! I’m so glad I chose Chacos — they were so comfortable and easy to walk in. Plus, they just fit my personality better than anything else. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


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