Wedding Planning Update: Busy Weekend Ahead

When People Ask How's Wedding Planning Going

It is Friday afternoon and I am currently tucked away in my office, eating lukewarm pizza leftover from last night’s dinner, and trying to make sure I have my to-do list in order before heading into the weekend.

It is going to be a busy one, packed full with wedding planning chores that HAVE to get done because we are running out of weekends before the wedding.

As of now, we have eight Saturdays left, and four of those already have events planned. So, technically, we only have four free Saturdays left (yay, I can do math!) to finish DIY projects, buy decorations, order whatever needs to be ordered, and make sure everything is organized and ready to go.

OK, bring on the panic attacks.

But really, I have no idea what the “F” I am doing most days. How are you supposed to plan a wedding, work full-time, continue to grow your relationship with your partner, watch Netflix, walk the dogs, eat, drink enough water, and still find time to maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene?

Is it even possible?

Weekend To-Do List

  • Shopping trips to Dollar Tree, Goodwill, and HFH ReStore to search for possible (inexpensive) decor
  • Order cupcakes from bakery
  • Visit Hobby Lobby (basically my second home) to snag wedding decor with this week’s sales
  • Finish four big DIY projects (check back for blog about those)
  • Mail invitations
  • Remember to eat
  • Take the dog to get groomed
  • Buy a tree for tree planting ceremony

I am positive I forgot something.

This might not seem like a lot, but for someone who prefers to avoid all human interaction, this list is absolutely exhausting to look at, let alone execute.

Truthfully, this is just the beginning of a very busy two months.

Wish me (and the fella) luck!

Dammit, Hali



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