Fall Stitch Fix Review

Cool air, leaves changing, boots, vests, pumpkin beers — I love fall. Especially fall in North Carolina. It is just such a beautiful time of year here.

IMG_3759-EditBecause the seasons are changing, it was time for me to order another Stitch Fix box. I like to schedule my Fixes at the beginning of each season to help me stock my closet with a few staple and quality pieces that will not only last me for the months ahead, but hopefully ones that I can use for years to come.

In my note to my stylist, I mentioned that I was looking for items that would transition from the hot summer days to the cooler fall weather we are beginning to experience in Charlotte, NC.

I also specifically asked for trousers and cute, feminine tops, and I mentioned that I was searching for different pieces of clothing in shades of green because that is the school color of the university I work for.

Here’s what I received in my fall Stitch Fix box, and what I thought about each item:

Kut From The Kloth Jaelyn Skinny Trouser

Price: $88
Size: 8

When I first pulled these pants out of the box, I thought I was going to love them. The material is very soft and comfortable — stretchy and sateen, I would say. Even when I put them on, I thought for sure I would keep them. They fit well and felt good.

Then I looked at myself in the mirror with them on and saw how that stretchy material accentuated all my curves (and not in a good way).

I immediately took them off and decided that they weren’t for me, especially not for $88.

I also should have been more specific in my note to my stylist when I said that I was looking for trousers. When I think of trousers, I think of boot cut or wide leg, and that’s actually what I was hoping for. I don’t consider the Jaelyn Skinny Trouser to be trousers — they’re just skinny pants to me.

Now I know to be more precise in my style notes when I am looking for specific pieces moving forward.

Verdict: Return

41 Hawthorn Sena Bar Back Blouse

Price: $58
Size: M

I actually saved this blouse on my “Fashion” board on Pinterest, which my Stitch Fix stylist looks at to get a better sense of my personal style.

I am really glad she sent this top because it is the right mix (for me) of business and flirty. I can easily dress it up for work with a blazer or dress it down and leave the bar back exposed for a night out.

Also, the sleeves can be worn down or rolled up, which is a plus.

Verdict: Keep

Fun2Fun Gresham Crew Neck Blouse


Price: $36
Size: M

Things I like about this top: The pattern is pretty and the style is flirty — just what I asked for.

Things I don’t like about this top: I asked for fall clothing and this doesn’t really say fall to me with the bright pattern and no sleeves. Also, it is far too short in the front for me to feel comfortable wearing it out in public. I like for my tops to hit at my hips and come down over my belt loops, and this one clearly does not do that.

Verdict: Return

Renee C Sutton Textured Knit Skirt


Price: $48
Size: M

My stylist sent this cute green skirt to fill my request for green items I could wear to show school spirit.

I really enjoyed almost everything about it — the color, the texture, the pattern, the length. However, there was one thing about this skirt that I did not like, and it kept me from keeping it: The waistband did not have elastic in it, therefore it was not stretchy and I had a difficult time getting it over my hips.

I actually went back-and-forth on keeping this piece because I did like it so much. But I was so afraid that the waistband, because it didn’t have any elastic, would stretch out over time and the skirt would become unwearable.

Verdict: Return

Caelestis Cadence Cardigan


Price: $38
Size: M

Keeping with the request for green, I also received this open-front cardigan. I thought it was a great piece, but it was too basic and simple for me to justify keeping it.

There was nothing unique about it. It wasn’t super soft and cozy, it was a solid color, and while it fit well, it didn’t “wow” me.

Verdict: Return

Unfortunately, I only kept one piece from this box but have decided to schedule another Fix for December 1. Be on the lookout for more Stitch Fix reviews coming soon.

If you are ready to try Stitch Fix for yourself, feel free to use this affiliate link.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed here are my own. I may receive compensation or account credits to share my experience with you. I do receive a referral if you sign up using my link

Dammit, Hali



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