Stitch Fix No. 7 Review

If you’ve been hanging with me for a little while, you might remember that I just reviewed my fall Stitch Fix box in October.

Typically, I wouldn’t schedule another Fix so soon, but Stitch Fix is waiving the $20 styling fee right now, and I was searching for a cocktail dress to wear on our upcoming honeymoon to Walt Disney World. So, since I had nothing to lose, I said what the hell and scheduled one more Fix for 2017.

I am certainly glad I did, too.

I know I have said this before, but this Stitch Fix box was hands-down my best yet. My stylist Cara tailored the Fix to perfectly match my style, and each piece fit me wonderfully — making it incredibly difficult to decide which items I would keep.

Plus, the note she left me was especially sweet. I love that she mentioned she read my blog post on how I honored my mom at my wedding.

Here’s what was in my seventh Fix:


Papermoon Kanyi Cotton Blend Pullover

Price: $68
Size: Medium

IMG_4100I really, really love everything about this sweater. It is lightweight, comfortable, soft, it fits well, and can be dressed up for the office or dressed down for a casual Saturday. Also, the slits on the sides give it a little character so that it’s not just another pullover sweater. I debated for three days on whether I should keep this item or not, but in the end, I just could not justify paying $68 for it. I will most likely regret sending it back.

Verdict: Return

41 Hawthorn Jahana Cargo Vest

Price: $68
Size: Large

I already regret returning this vest — or, “sleeveless jacket” as my husband calls it. I have been looking for a cargo vest like this one since last winter, but I just don’t think I will wear it enough to justify paying $68 for it. It was nicely made, though, and fit beautifully. My stylist sized up on it for layering. Ugh, layering. I love layering. Yeah, I should have kept this piece.

Verdict: Return

Urban Expressions Amherst Multi-Zip Tote

Price: $68

I am obsessed with this bag. It is big enough to hold all the stuff I carry to work every day, but doesn’t compromise on attractiveness.

Verdict: Keep

French Grey Evalynn Knit Dress

Price: $48
Size: Medium

If I had received this dress with a summer Fix, I probably would have kept it. The material was the softest I have ever put on my body and the flower print was just my style. However, I already have several dresses too similar to this one and it just doesn’t say “winter” to me.

Verdict: Return

Nine Britton Niya Scallop Detail Knit Dress

Nine Britton Niya Scallop Detail Knit Dress

Price: $68
Size: Medium

Nine Britton Niya Scallop Detail Knit Dress
Scallop detail

Saving the best for last, my stylist knocked it out of the park with this dress. As I mentioned above, I scheduled this Fix hoping to find a cocktail dress to wear to dinner when we’re on our honeymoon later this month. This little black dress is exactly what I was looking for. It is form-fitting in the bust with a halter neckline and feminine scallop details. I felt beautiful in this dress the moment I put it on — even after a long day at work — and my husband’s face lit up when he saw me in it.

Verdict: Keep

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse at my latest Fix — it certainly was a fun one.

If you are ready to try Stitch Fix for yourself, schedule your first box using my affiliate link before December 30 and Stitch Fix will waive the $20 styling fee. You truly have nothing to lose — you only keep the pieces you want. If you don’t like any of it, there’s no harm. Just send everything back and let your stylist know what didn’t work for you and why so they can make your next Fix better.

Don’t forget, Stitch Fix gift cards make a great stocking stuffer for anyone on your shopping list.

Dammit, Hali

Disclosure: The opinions expressed here are my own. I may receive compensation or account credits to share my experience with you. 


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