What’s In My Suitcase /// West Coast Essentials

West Coast Essentials

Greetings from California, friends!

I’m at a work conference in Anaheim this week, and next week the hubby is joining me out here and we’re heading to Los Angeles for vacation.

I’m still trying to adjust to the time change but want to share the handful of things I absolutely had to pack for 10 days on the left coast.

Bathing Suit

I needed a new swimsuit for this trip (for all the beachin’ I’m going to do), and I love the super cute and bright floral one I snagged from Target. The high waist bottom ties in the back and the top is supportive of my fuller chest, making it an attractive and flattering option.


If you’ve been hanging around on Dammit, Hali for any amount of time, you know that I don’t go anywhere without my Chaco sandals.

Denim Shorts

I got a new pair of denim shorts with my latest Stitch Fix, and they are perfect for my California adventure. They’ll work great as a swimsuit cover-up or paired with a flirty top for a night out with my best guy.

Self Tanner

I’m traveling from North Carolina where we can’t seem to escape winter. Therefore, my favorite self tanner by St. Tropez is a must to cover the translucent shade of white that is my legs.


You can’t go to California without sunglasses. It’s just not possible. I’ve had my Kate Spade aviators for more than three years and they’re still in perfect condition, despite all the times I’ve dropped them in dirty lake water or tossed them in my purse without thinking. My exact pair aren’t available on katespade.com anymore, but these are pretty comparable.

Dammit, Hali




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