Let’s Stay Home /// 10 Date Night Ideas You Don’t Have To Leave Your House For

My husband and I enjoy a nice night out on the town as much as anybody else, but we also find great joy in the times we create a date night from the comfort of our own living room.

Perhaps when we have children we will be wishing for a night away from the house. But right now, as a young married couple, we really, really enjoy staying home.

Like, a lot.

Therefore, I am always trying to think up new, fun things we can do at home together. Ya know, when you put your phones on silent, ignore social media, and just enjoy each other.

Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas — Dammit, Hali

If you’re like us and enjoy a cozy night in (and want some fresh ideas), here are 10 of our favorite things to do for a stay-at-home date night:

Game Night

This is one that you’ll find on any list similar to mine here, but it truly is one of our favorites. We love to play board games and card games, specifically Monopoly and Rummy. We get pretty competitive, but have a blast and share lots of belly laughs while we’re playing.

Cook a Meal Together

We cook together nearly every night, but recently we switched it up by ordering Hello Fresh to try out. It was something different that got us out of our nightly routine. I also suggest taking it to the next level by finding a new recipe and preparing a meal you’ve never made before, or stepping out of your comfort zone and cooking something from a different culture.

Water Balloon Fight

What could be better than filling up a bunch of balloons and throwing them at each other? Seriously, if you want to laugh (and laugh hard) with your significant other, have a water balloon fight in your backyard.

Nerf Gun Fight

Lock and load your foam and turn your house into a Nerf battlefield. Just like the water balloon fight, you will have a blast dodging your SO’s “attacks.”


Movie Marathon

Sunday afternoon movie marathons are essential in our house. We pop some popcorn, cozy up on the couch with our PJs on, and play movie after movie until we just can’t stand to watch anything else. The trick to this is to put away your cell phones and enjoy the time between the two of you.

Listen to Music

Music has been an important part of our relationship from the beginning. Literally, I can still remember the song that was playing when we met eight years ago. That’s why every few months we turn down the lights in our living room and simply listen to music together. We take turns playing songs for one another — Justin will play one he wants me to hear, then I’ll play one I want him to hear, and we do this for hours. It’s incredibly romantic and relaxing.

Have a Wine and Cheese Tasting

Who doesn’t love cheese? This at-home date night requires a little bit of planning ahead, so next time you head to the food store, don’t forget to grab a few blocks of cheese and ask someone who works in the wine section which bottles will pair well with your selections. Or, just Google it.

Flight Night: Mix-Six Pack of Craft Beers

This too requires some planning. One of our favorite Friday night activities (especially in the summer) is to head to our local craft beer bottle shop and create our own six pack. We bring the brews home, build our own beer flights, and sit out back on the patio while we sip our pours and talk/listen to music (see, there’s the music again).

Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas — Dammit, Hali

Play “Would You Rather?”

This one is incredibly fun. Plus, you’re going to learn things about your SO that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise. “Would You Rather” is a conversation game that presents the question “would you rather {blank} or {blank}.” You can make up your own would-you-rathers (and make them as dirty or PG as you want), or take questions from this online list.

Find a DIY Project You Both Can Enjoy

This has been more of a stay-at-home day date for us in the past, but it’s still relevant. I LOVE do-it-yourself projects, and I LOVE when my husband joins in on them. When we were planning our wedding last year, we had several Saturdays where all we did was complete DIY projects for our big day. I foresee many of these DIY date days in our near future as we get closer to buying our first home — which will likely need a little TLC upon move-in. All it takes is an electric sander and some wood stain to make us happy.

Do you and your significant other have stay-at-home date nights? I’d love to hear what your favorites are! Let me know in the comments below. 

Dammit, Hali


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