Amazon Roundup /// 6 Things You Need If You Are TTC

Disclosure: Contains affiliate links. 

A few months ago I shared that my husband and I have been trying to conceive since December and so far haven’t had any success.

The last several months have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and stress for both of us, but despite all of the negatives, it’s still an exciting time in our life together as we wait for a miracle (if you have ever been TTC, you know that a baby is, in fact, a miracle).

With that being said, here are the six things I keep stocked in my bathroom while we are trying for a baby. The best part is, they’re all available on Amazon Prime so I never have to physcially shop for them in the store. Whenever I’m running low on something, I simply submit my Amazon order and it arrives in two days!

Amazon Roundup-01

Dr Teals Foaming Bath Relax & Relief


Listen, I am a high-strung individual, and I am fully aware of how my mood fluctuates when my anxiety and stress get the best of me. The fact that we have been trying for seven months to get pregnant and haven’t had any luck yet adds a substantial amount of emotional stress to my daily life. That is why I keep Dr Teals Relax & Relief Foaming Bath on hand. It does such an amazing job at helping me relax and clear my mind (if just for a little bit) … especially during the two-week wait.

Dr Teals Relax and Relief

NatureMade Prenatal Vitamins


I am by no means a physician, but I did consult my doctor when we began TTC. She recommended I begin taking a prenatal vitamin now while we are trying. It won’t help me get pregnant faster, but my body needs the extra vitamins — particularly folic acid — from the beginning, before conception even happens, to promote healthy fetal development. I take a NatureMade Prenatal Multi+DHA daily.

Prenatal Vitamins

Pregmate Ovulation Test Strips


After we had been trying for three months, I began using an ovulation predictor it (OPK) to help me track ovulation. My doctor suggested that I not start doing this until we had been trying for six months, but I couldn’t wait that long. And I’m really glad I started using them when I did. Like most women, I use an application on my phone to track my monthly cycle, and that also predicts my ovulation day … but it’s only a prediction. The OPK actually pinpoints my fertile days by detecting luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in my urine that are released to signal ovulation. It turns out that my actual ovulation day is typically different from the day my app predicts.

There are A LOT of OPKs on the market, and some of them are pricy. I buy the Pregmate ovulation test strips because they are more affordable than most, and they work perfectly fine compared to the big brands.

Note: I also use the Premom app in conjunction with the test strips to help me track the results. 

OPK Test

Plastic Cups


Ladies, if you’re going to commit to using ovulation test strips, be prepared to pee in a cup for at least five days every month until you’re pregnant. The cups make life so much easier during this time. I remember when I first bought a package of these 3-ounce cups and thought that I would never use them all. Yeah, I’m LOL-ing at my naive self right now because all 150 of them are nearly gone.

Plastic Cups

Emay Basal Body Thermometer


I just started tracking my basal body temperature (BBT) this month. I found this Emay basal body thermometer on Amazon and was satisfied enough with the reviews to give it a try. Compared to some of the others that popped up on my search, this one was fairly inexpensive. Plus, it ended up coming with a second thermometer, so I essentially got two for the price of one. When you’re TTC, you can use a BBT to better pinpoint ovulation because it provides temp readings to 1/100th of a degree … Meaning that it is sensitive enough to detect the very slight changes that happen to your body temp during ovulation.


Pregnancy Tests


Truthfully, I try not to take a pregnancy test every month because it does add to the disappointment, but sometimes my nerves outweigh my good decision making. I like to have a box tucked away in a bathroom drawer just in case, and I prefer First Response brand because it is {apparently} the most sensitive test on the market.

First Response Test

Dammit, Hali




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