Macrame Plant Hangers

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

A couple weeks ago I shared on Instagram my favorite cozy corner in my home — in my master bathroom, to be specific  — and so many of you loved the macrame plant hangers I have above my bathtub.

I continue to receive direct messages asking me where I purchased those little darlings, but unfortunately they are no longer in stock at Target.

However, I was able to find some comparable ones on Amazon for you — some of them at a better price than what I paid for mine!

Design tip: Hang a variety of sizes and lengths in the same area to create a cohesive and visually appealing grouping.

Macrame Plant Hangers in Bathroom

I like to mix and match the colors and shapes of pots I place in them. I kept my pots to a neutral color scheme — gray and white — because that is what matched the space they hang in.

You can hang them from the ceiling with cup hooks (these hold up to 50 pounds), but the ceiling in our bathroom is at too steep of an angle for me to attach the plant hangers.

So, I found these basic black plant brackets and staggered them above my tub. I actually really love the look and aesthetic it creates to have them at varying heights on separate walls.

Whichever you choose (cup hooks or brackets) just make sure to check how much weight they can hold because a flower pot with dirt and water can get pretty heavy. The last thing you want is for them to come crashing down.

My Amazon picks are below for your enjoyment.

To shop, visit each of the “shop here” links in the paragraph below. 

Macrame Plant Hangers on Amazon

1. Ohuhu two-pack {SHOP HERE} ///  2. Anglink two-pack {SHOP HERE} /// 3. Mkono with beads {SHOP HERE} /// 4. Accmor two-pack {SHOP HERE} /// 5. AOMGD three-pack {SHOP HERE} /// 6. Mkono {SHOP HERE} ///  7. Mkono {SHOP HERE} /// 8. Aozita three-tier {SHOP HERE} 

Dammit, Hali


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