Lunch Breaks /// Home Decor Inspiration at Hobby Lobby

This week for my “Lunch Breaks with Hali” Insta series I take you with me to Hobby Lobby and share some adorable ideas for your home.

All items are linked below.

Lambs Ear Stem


Green Glass Bottle with Handle


Carafe Glass Bottle


Hobby Lobby Lambs Ear and Glass Jugs — Dammit, Hali

I originally paired the lambs ear with a different vessel but then stumbled across these green-tinted bottles. They stopped me in my tracks, and they complement the soft green of the lambs ear stems so well.

Glass Bottles with Chicken Wire (small, medium & large)


Glass Bottles with Chicken Wire at Hobby Lobby — Dammit, Hali

I like to follow the rule of thirds when shopping for home decor. So, decorate with sets of three when you can. These glass bottles caught caught my eye for that reason — they’re easy to group together! Plus, they would look amazing on a console table or mantle with some vintage books.

Distressed Wagon with Pumpkins


Distressed Wagon with Pumpkins — Dammit, Hali

I love this darling wagon and see it as a versatile piece that can be used year-round. I placed a pile of pumpkins in it to display how I would decorate it for fall. I then discovered these small pumpkin picks in the fall floral section. They are much cheaper than the pumpkins I initially gathered to put in the wagon. All you have to do is cut off the pick part!

Burlap Trimmed Striped Pillow



Woven Square Basket Set


Burlap Trimmed Striped Pillow and Woven Basket at Hobby Lobby — Dammit, Hali

I found this woven basket and pillows sitting near each other and automatically fell in love with how they look together. The natural trim on the pillows pairs perfectly with the earthy tone of the basket, and the stripes create a cozy farmhouse vibe for you space.

I am loving doing these weekly “Lunch Breaks with Hali” sessions! I plan to mix it up between home decor and fashion from week to week, so be sure to head to Insta (@halidawnschaefer) and hit the “Follow” button if you haven’t already so you don’t miss one!

Dammit, Hali


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