Amazon Prime Wardrobe Fall Shoes Review

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This post is in collaboration with Casey Sellers at The Big Blonde Brain. Head over to for a fall fashion Amazon Prime Wardrobe review. 

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I loathe shopping for shoes. As someone who generally loves to shop, shoe shopping honestly is one of my least favorite things to do.

There is just something about going into a store and trying on shoes that annoys the hell out of me.

I don’t want to sit down on some uncomfortable bench or chair and take off my own shoe so I can try-on a shoe that most likely is not going to fit my weird-shaped foot right. And then repeat that process over and over again until I maybe find one style that works for me. Plus, if I happen to find a pair of shoes that I like enough to think about buying, it never fails that the store won’t have my size.

Shoes, simply, are not something I want to spend money on.

OK, you get the picture. Clearly, I have major unresolved issues with shoe shopping.

That is why I decided to give Amazon Prime Wardrobe a try when I realized that I truly had no shoes for fall.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Review with Fall Shoes

Prime Wardrobe is Amazon’s “try before you buy” service that allows Prime members to shop items from categories such as women’s, men’s, kids’, and baby clothing, shoes, and accessories. You get seven days to try-on the items at home, and you will only be charged for the items you keep.

So, it kind of works like Stitch Fix except you get to pick out what you want to try instead of having a stylist pick for you.

As I mentioned above, I was on the hunt for new shoes for fall and specifically wanted to find a neutral pair of mules or booties.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the extensive selection of options available to me through Prime Wardrobe.

How to use Prime Wardrobe1.
Go to your Amazon Prime account. Wardrobe is a Prime-exclusive program. Don’t have Prime? Try it free for 30 days.

Navigate to the Prime Wardrobe page to begin searching for items to add to your “Wardrobe Cart.” Prime Wardrobe eligible items can be found in women’s, men’s, kids’, and baby clothing, shoes, and accessories. Just look for the Prime Wardrobe logo.

Add up to eight items to your “Wardrobe Cart” and ship it when you’re ready. You won’t be charged until you decide which items you want to keep.

Your box will arrive in a couple of days. You have one week from the day it arrives to try everything on in the comfort of your own home and check out online. As I mentioned earlier, you will only be charged for the items you keep, and you are not obligated to keep anything.

Once you complete the check out, use the prepaid return label and the resealable box everything arrived in to return what you do not want. Seriously, Amazon makes it so easy.

I quickly filled my “Wardrobe Cart” with seven pairs of footwear and submitted my order.

From most favorite to least favorite, here’s what I received:

Note: Because Prime Wardrobe items are continually changing, the items I share with you here might not be available through Prime Wardrobe anymore. 

Seychelles Women’s Dialogue Mule in Taupe


Seychelles Women's Dialogue Mule in Taupe


It was a difficult decision to make because I liked so many of the shoes I ordered, but I ended up keeping this pair and only this pair. I consider these mules the perfect shoe for fall. I can wear them with jeans, trousers, skirts, and dresses, so they are extremely versatile. I ended up sizing up from my regular 9 to a 9.5 and they fit perfectly.

I love these with the Daily Ritual Women’s Rib Knit Jersey Long-Sleeve Funnel-Neck Shirt {SHOP HERE} Casey got with her Wardrobe. The pairing creates a sophisticated and classy look for fall.

Sam Edelman Bates Mule in Golden Caramel Suede



Sam Edelman Bates Mule in Golden Caramel Suede

I think I am going to regret not keeping these. The caramel color is beautiful and the shoe was very comfortable. However, I could not justify the price right now. They fit true to size.

These are a great choice to pair with the Lark & Ro Women’s Long Sleeve Lightweight Long Cardigan Sweater {SHOP HERE} on Casey’s Wardrobe review.

Seychelles I’m Yours Slide Pump in Tan


Seychelles I'm Yours Slide Pump in Tan

Seychelles I'm Yours Slide Pump in Tan

This pair did not wow me at first, but then I tried them on with jeans and really liked the way they looked. I sent them back, though, because I didn’t find them as versatile as the Seychelles Women’s Dialogue Mules above, and I need something that I can comfortably wear with different outfits this fall. I love the braided leather, though. It gives the shoes such a unique and feminine look that I am drawn to. They fit true to size. 

Try pairing these with the Daily Ritual Women’s Terry Cotton and Modal Cold Shoulder Tunic {SHOP HERE} Casey shares from her Prime Wardrobe.

Lucky Brand Basel Boot in Toffee




I thought for sure these booties would be a keeper, and they almost were. They were comfortable and the rich toffee color is gorgeous for fall and even winter. I love the double zipper, too, which makes it easy to get the booties on and off. They fit true to size.

For a laid back look, try these with the Daily Ritual Women’s Supersoft Terry Long-Sleeve Hooded Pullover {SHOP HERE} from Casey’s Wardrobe.

Jessica Simpson Orsona Boot in Mink




I liked these a lot and nearly kept them, as well, because they would have only been $39. However, there was one thing that bothered me about these booties. I did not like how wide the opening was around my ankle. I like my booties to hug my ankle a little close, and each time I looked down at my feet when I had these on, I could see inside the boot because the opening was so big! They fit true to size.

For a cozy fall outfit, pair these with the Lark & Ro Women’s 100% Cashmere Soft 12-Gauge Slouchy Turtleneck Pullover Sweater {SHOP HERE} from Casey’s Wardrobe.

Seychelles I’m a Star Mule in Olive




These were some of my least favorite. The olive green shade is gorgeous, but I did not care for how these mules looked on my feet. I have what I consider big feet, and these seemed to accentuate them. They are cute, but not for me. They fit true to size.

Sam Edelman Rodney Ballet Flat in Dusty Rose


Sam Edelman Rodney Ballet Flat in Dusty Rose

Sam Edelman Rodney Ballet Flat in Dusty Rose

I should have known better than to think I could order ballet flats online. Like I said earlier, I have big feet. I also have extremely flat feet and ballet flats almost never fit me well. These were cute, though, and I like the dusty rose color. However, they looked awful on my feet. It didn’t help that I sized up from a 9 to a 9.5 because that’s typically what I have to do with flats, but these were far too large on me.

I suggest pairing these with the Daily Ritual Women’s Jersey Bunch-Sleeve Top {SHOP HERE} Casey shares from her Wardrobe.

. . .

My only critique of Prime Wardrobe is that all clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. on Prime are not available on Wardrobe. It’s also a little odd that not all sizes of items on Wardrobe are actually available — you might find a top during your Wardrobe search, but your size might not be listed as “available for Prime Wardrobe.” And you do have to spend a little bit of time searching to find things you want.

It’s worth a try, though.

I see extreme value in the service because it is a great, risk-free way to try brands and styles I wouldn’t typically shop for. I definitely will be using Wardrobe again — in fact, I have already started loading items into my Cart.

Have you tried Prime Wardrobe yet? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Dammit, Hali


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