5 Ways to Wear Denim Overalls

Yes, it is true, overalls are finally back in style and my 90s-kid heart is rejoicing.

I have seen folks rocking overalls for weeks now, so I finally broke down and ordered a pair for myself. Let me be the first to tell you, they are great!

My super soft chenille cardigan is from Aerie and is the perfect transition piece for spring. It is ultra cozy, and I love the feminine pink tone. Shop it here.

I was skeptical at first (and my husband asking me what we’re doing on the farm today didn’t help), but styled the right way, they are super cute. Actually, there is no bad way to style denim overalls — however you decide to wear them will be perfect.

My bibs are from H&M and feature a zip side instead of a button side (which I love). They are ultra soft and the stretch denim makes them extremely comfortable. I ordered my normal size (8) and they fit beautifully. The pant cuffs hit a little above my ankles, allowing for room to roll my cuffs, and the legs are tapered for a more natural fit to my body. The front and back pockets are functional.

For price point, they are on the lower end of what you can expect to find when shopping retail stores for overalls.

I have compiled a list of the five ways I like to wear my overalls, but the possibilities are endless. Don’t be afraid to rock these denim beauties and work your personal style magic on them.

With a plain T

With a graphic T

With an off-the-shoulder blouse

With a cozy sweater

With a plaid shirt


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