Canvas Champ Canvas Print Review /// How to Use Your Photos as Wall Art

Thank you to Canvas Champ for sponsoring today’s post.

Since we moved into our home last May, it is no secret that I have enjoyed decorating. Home decor is one of my greatest guilty pleasures, and I love when I can incorporate meaningful pieces into our home style.

One of my favorite ways to do this is by adding our own photographs to our empty walls. Whether from our travels through the years or big events such as our engagement and wedding, I cherish those moments and the photos we have to remember them. Naturally, I want to display them in our home.

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It has been well over a year since we tied the knot and I am still working on getting our pictures from that day printed, but I recently had one of our favorite images from that special day made into a canvas print by Canvas Champ.

The photo of Justin and I dancing hand-in-hand was snapped at sunset, and it has beautiful, bright colors that I adore. Our photographer did a wonderful job capturing this stunning moment with all of the robust colors, and I am thrilled that we were able to have this particular image made into a canvas gallery wrap.

It is a gorgeous piece of art and it looks amazing hanging in our living room under the new wall sconce we added a couple weeks ago. I feel like it’s something you would see in an art gallery and is such a special piece to have hanging in our home to remember our wedding day.

Canvas Champ did a great job maintaining the quality of the photo, too, when printing onto the canvas. As I mentioned above, the colors of the sunset are vibrant (just as they appear in the digital copy of the image) and the print is clear (not at all pixelated).

Plus, the canvas itself is extremely durable. I have ordered canvas prints from other retailers in the past and they always feel flimsy, which leaves me worried that they will damage easily.

This Canvas Champ canvas, though, is sturdy and is priced well below any other canvas retailer I have ever ordered from. Canvas Champ prices start at $4.25 for a 5×7 print.

How awesome is it that you can create stunning wall art for your home at such an affordable price?

I think the best part about ordering from Canvas Champ, though, is that their canvas prints are handcrafted and all are guaranteed for life. That is a tremendous value, in my opinion.

I also appreciate that the mounting hardware comes attached to the canvas gallery wrap. It makes hanging the print easy right out of the box.

For ordering, Canvas Champ makes the process as easy as possible. Simply navigate to and select “canvas prints” to start your order. Determine what size you want (ours is a 16-inch x 20-inch) and then upload your photo.

There are several options you can choose from to customize your wrap — either a thin wrap which is a .75-inch frame or a thick wrap which is 1.5-inch frame. Included in the price of your gallery wrap, you can also select the border to be a mirror image of your photo or for it to be a traditional wrap — where the photo is stretched all the way around the wooden frame. I selected the latter for this project.

You will also get to select from a variety of hardware options and finishes, some of which are at an additional cost. The basic hooks for hanging are included, though.

The final options you have to select from during the ordering process relate to minor photo retouching and lamination. Since the photo I used was from our wedding, the quality of the image was already high. I felt like it didn’t need the extra retouching, but it is great that Canvas Champ offers this service for any photos I want to print later on.

You can also request a proof of your print be sent to you within 24 hours, which I love. This allows you to approve your art online before it is printed and shipped.

I have actually bought from Canvas Champ before when I created this DIY canvas print wall decor, so I am no stranger to their simple ordering process, high standard of customer service, or the quality of their products.

For that project, I used their rolled canvas instead of their gallery wrap.

There are so many ways to create works of art for your walls with the canvas prints from Canvas Champ, and I cannot wait to order a few more for our home. For my next Canvas Champ order, I’m thinking I will create three canvas prints using photos from the in-home photoshoot we did in November and make a gallery wall in our hallway!

If you ‘re excited to create stunning art for your home using your own photos, Canvas Champ gave me a coupon code to share with you. Use code FREE8X8PRINT to get a free 8×8 canvas print with your order over $50.


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