Favorite Decorative Baskets for Houseplants & How to ‘Plant’ in Them

Earlier this week I shared this photo of my split leaf philodendron on Instagram and got a few comments and questions about the belly basket I have it in.

I LOVE baskets and have a variety of them throughout my house serving various purposes (to conceal phone and computer chargers, hide dog collars and leashes, etc.), but my absolute favorite way to use decorative baskets is to cover my houseplant pots.

It’s so easy, too.

I simply take a potted indoor plant such as the monstera deliciosa (making sure that the pot isn’t too small or too big for the plant’s root system), put a garbage bag around the bottom of the pot, and place the potted plant inside the basket.

Make sure you don’t skip the garbage bag (don’t worry, you won’t see it inside most baskets). It will catch any water that might run out of the bottom of the pot when watering the plant.

This is such a cozy, trendy, and pretty way to dress up your plants. Plus, I love the contrast between the green leaves of plants and the natural hues of woven baskets. I’m swooning over all the boho vibes.

The particular basket I used with my monstera is from Amazon and is 19.5 inches in diameter (pretty large), but I have compiled a list of other vessels I have my eyes on.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you shop through my links I receive a small commission that helps me keep Dammit, Hali running. You can read my full affiliate links notice here.

1 /// Seagrass Basket with Macrame Wrap

2 /// Seagrass Belly Basket with White Chevron

3 /// Jute Rope Basket

4 /// Woven Cotton Rope Plant Basket

5 /// Pom Pom Seagrass Belly Basket

6 /// Natural & White Belly Basket

7 /// Jute Storage Basket

8 /// Extra Large Grey Seagrass Basket

Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your lovely houseplant photos with me on Insta at @halidawnschaefer!


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