White, Neutral Master Bedroom Bedding from Amazon

Earlier this summer — after our dog managed to rip our Pottery Barn comforter — I overhauled the linens for our master bedroom.

As I tossed out the shredded blanket, I decided that luxury brand bedding probably wasn’t for us and set out to find an inexpensive replacement on Amazon.

We prefer neutral tone blankets free of patterns or designs for our bedding. I also wanted to find something that would make our room feel cozy and that would be cool during these summer months and warm during winter.

What I ended up with is absolutely perfect for our space.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you shop using my links I receive a commission that helps me support Dammit, Hali and keep finding awesome home style pieces to share with you. Read my affiliate links notice here.

The 3-piece white quilt set has been great for summer. It is light and ultra-soft but still provides enough warmth so I don’t freeze in the middle of the night with the AC running.

It also washes really well, and when you have a black dog who thinks your bed is her bed, this is exactly what you want.

I love the look of fluffy comforters folded across the foot of the bed, though, so I grabbed a down alternative comforter and duvet cover, too.

The down alternative comforter I ordered is hypoallergenic and has a microfiber fill. It also has a box stitch design that keeps the fill in place. It’s pretty basic, but I’m happy with it.

I did, however, cover it with a linen, cotton blend duvet in a pretty greige shade.

Since it’s a heavier comforter and duvet combo, I typically keep it folded across the bottom of the bed. I will occasionally pull it up if I get extra chilly during the night, but I imagine it will really come in handy this winter.

I love that the duvet has a wooden button closure instead of a zipper. The buttons are a unique feature that add a little something extra to the cover.

Like the quilt, the duvet also washes really well and seems to get softer with each wash.

Not only is this combination of linens pretty, they are also cozy and help make our master bedroom a space we want to be. I appreciate the fact that everything was inexpensive and fit within the budget I set for new bedding. Plus, all the pieces have been pet friendly — which is a major plus for our household.


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