Nursery Inspiration

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As a home improvement lover and DIY-er, one of the questions I’ve been asked most often since we announced our pregnancy is “What are you going to do with the nursery?”

Truth be told, I have been picturing our baby’s room for years. Justin and I have wanted this for so long, and it truly feels like a dream now that we are finally here and get to experience all this baby excitement for ourselves.

For the nursery, regardless of if the baby is a boy or girl, my vision is very neutral with lots of natural, light colors and earthy, wood tones. I have incorporated a couple of differences in the design based on the baby’s sex, but for the most part both designs I have put together are gender neutral.

I love the simplicity of clean, minimalistic nurseries.

For the walls, I plan to use Sherwin-Williams Alabaster – a beautiful creamy white shade. Sherwin-Williams Pure White is my typical go-to white paint, but I don’t particularly want a paint color that is so bright for the baby’s room.

We will also create an accent wall behind the crib with wallpaper. For a girl, I picked out a beautiful black and white bunny print. For a boy, we will install a black and white watercolor buffalo check wallpaper.

I love a white, wrought-iron crib for a baby girl. For a boy, a pine wood crib would look beautiful contrasted against the black and white buffalo check accent wall.

I factored in a unique foot stool for each design to incorporate additional textures. The faux fur stool with gold legs will look great with the rest of a baby girl’s room and the faux leather puff contrasts perfectly with the black and white accent wall and wooden crib.

Those are the biggest differences between the nursery I have designed for a boy and a girl. Everything else I have picked out will mostly be the same regardless of sex.

A comfy off-white glider is a must. I imagine we will spend a lot of time in this chair, so comfort is key. I found this one that will fit perfectly with the aesthetic of the room.

A white dresser with black hardware will also serve as a changing station.

For a changing pad, I picked out this beautiful seagrass basket.

Above the dresser, we will hang white wall shelves with wood brackets. This will give us a place to display books, decorations, and other little trinkets. We will also add a round mirror to this space to incorporate more shapes and textures to the wall.

I love the pearl detail around the mirror on the left for a girl’s room and for a boy, the wood and leather strap mirror on the right will fit perfectly with the rest of the room.

Updated lighting for this room is also a must. Right now there are wall sconces that are out of date and out of style with the rest of our home. We will update them to something more modern that fits with the overall theme of the nursery.

Finally, other elements to help make the room cozy include live plants, a faux tree, stuffed animals, a soft rug, and baskets for storage.

I am so excited to begin working on this room in the next couple of weeks and can’t wait to share it with you all once it’s complete!


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