Boy or Girl? According to Old Wives Tales

We will soon find out if our baby is a boy or a girl!

In the weeks leading up to that exciting ultrasound appointment, it has been fun to think about what our baby will look like and sound like and wonder what kind of person he or she will become.

Justin and I both have a gut feeling this tiny human growing in my body is a girl. Really, we’re so confident about this that we haven’t done much to prepare for a boy. Either way, we will be happy to welcome this little miracle into our home and family.

We will announce the sex of the baby once we know it, but before we do, I thought it would be fun to put those old wives tales for gender prediction to the test.

I scoured the internet to find the most outrageous and laughable superstitions. Now let’s see what they have to say.

Sleep position?

Right side sleeping = girl, Left side sleeping = boy.

I am definitely a right side sleeper, so GIRL.

Morning sickness?

Severe nausea = girl, No/little sickness = boy

Nausea and vomiting was awful during the first trimester and has carried over some to the second. Looks like this one is GIRL, too.


Acne = girl, Clear skin = boy

They say girls steal your beauty (and make you break out), while boys give you clear skin. I have been battling breakouts since I found out I’m pregnant … GIRL!

Graceful or clumsy?

Graceful = girl, Clumsy = boy

I’m typically clumsy, but haven’t bumped into any walls or tripped over any sidewalks yet. Another GIRL!

Salty or sweet cravings?

Sweet = girl, Salty = boy

I swear I could eat a bag of potato chips a day. That salty craving calls for a BOY.

Carrying high or low?

High = girl, Low = boy

My bump is still small, but seems to be high. GIRL.

Wedding ring test?

Circle swing = girl, Side to side swing = boy

Justin thought I was crazy when I tied a string to my wedding ring and asked him to hold it over my belly. It worked, though, and the ring moved from side to side. BOY

Baby’s heart rate?

Above 140 BPM = girl, Under 140 BPM = boy

The heart rate has consistently been higher than 140 BPM since we first saw it on the ultrasound screen at 8 weeks. GIRL.

Mood swings?

Moody = girl, Chill = boy

These pregnancy mood swings are no joke! GIRL.

Chinese calendar?

The Chinese calendar says BOY.

Mayan calendar?

The Mayan calendar says GIRL.

It looks like we have 8 counts for a girl and only 3 for a boy. It will certainly be interesting to see which is correct in a few days!

After reading these, what do you think? Boy or girl?


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