We Are Having a Boy!

If you caught my post about our baby’s gender prediction based on old wives tales, then you know Justin and I were certain we were having a girl.

That’s why when the ultrasound technician told us the baby is a boy, we were shocked. I was so surprised when she said boy that my initial reaction was, “huh?”

Justin and I keep laughing about that, but I truly didn’t hear her the first time she said it.

I am so looking forward to being a boy mama.

We are still working on picking out names for our little guy. I’m not convinced we will have them before he’s born, though. We will probably head to the hospital with a top 10 list and decide once we finally see him.

I want to talk for a minute about how we found out we are having a boy because it was actually a few days before our anatomy scan.

And I would 100 percent do this again and recommend it to any parents-to-be out there.

At our first doctor appointment at 8 weeks, we received a welcome packet full of information. Within that packet was a flyer for a 3D/4D ultrasound business in our area.

Justin and I talked early on about how we would like to do one of those ultrasounds later in the pregnancy, but it felt like a waste to go before 30 weeks.

Well, two weeks before our anatomy scan I was traveling to New York with some girlfriends and really wanted to know the sex of our baby before I left on this trip. I might have needed to go shopping for the baby in the city, ya know.

In the days before I flew out, I decided to try to get a last minute appointment at Hello Baby 3D/4D Ultrasound in Mooresville (if you’re local to the Charlotte area).

They unfortunately couldn’t squeeze me in but went ahead and made an appointment for the following week (one week before my anatomy scan).

At the time, I told Justin that I didn’t think I would keep the appointment since it was so close to the anatomy scan. But, when I got back from New York, I had to see my baby. I was paranoid that something was wrong because I had walked so much in the city and swelled badly.

I kept the appointment. And I am beyond glad that I did.

Finding out the sex of our baby at Hello Baby was the most comfortable and enjoyable experience. Because it’s not intended for medical diagnostic purposes, the ultrasound technician wasn’t looking for anything except the baby’s sex.

I didn’t realize until the next week when we had our anatomy scan at the doctor’s office exactly how stressful that exact appointment is. Because we went into the anatomy scan already knowing the sex of the baby, we were able to focus on what the technician was telling us about the size of the baby and all of his organs.

I think if we had waited to find out the sex at the anatomy scan, it wouldn’t have been such an exciting and relaxing experience as we had at Hello Baby, and that’s simply because there is so much information being tossed at you during the anatomy scan.

We were able to schedule our appointment at Hello Baby during evening hours so Justin and I didn’t have to miss work, which is a huge plus when you’re already missing work hours for visits to the doctor every few weeks.

Plus, we were the only people in the office other than the ultrasound technician and the receptionist. I loved that individualized attention.

The ultrasound lasted 30 minutes and the technician was able to tell us the sex of the baby immediately. We spent the rest of the time watching our little guy move around in my body on the enormous screen in front of us.

He was so active that night!

We never felt rushed, and we were able to enjoy our time with our baby. At the end, the technician saved 45 photos and videos from the ultrasound onto a flash drive for us to keep.

Now that we know our babe is a boy, we can start on his room. Painters start covering the existing purple walls in a couple of weeks. Once that’s done, we will wallpaper, order his crib, and start putting the space together to get ready for his arrival in January!


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