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Photo credit: Katie Richard

Hey y’all, I’m Hali {pronounced hay-lee}, and this is my space where I document the best and worst of life. Here you’ll find quips, tips, tricks, and anecdotes on things that interest me — such as food and drink, travel {particularly Disney travel}, home improvement, fashion, relationships, and general life.

I am a Carolina native and {occasional} bitter southerner, a motherless daughter, a dog mom, a DIY-er, a couponer and sales rack shopper, a Disney lover, a foodie, a craft beer drinker, and, as of September 2017, a wife.

My eyebrows never match, my hair gets washed (maybe) twice a week, I am perpetually late to work, I would rather cut off my leg than shave it, I prefer rain clouds to sunshine, and I live in a constant state of hanger. But, I wake up each day and give it my best. Or, I just say f*ck it and drink coffee until it’s culturally acceptable to switch to wine.

And that is Dammit, Hali.

But, where does “Dammit, Hali” come from?

As a child growing up in the mountains of western North Carolina, I always knew I was in trouble or had done something particularly foolish when I heard the words “Dammit, Hali” leave my dad’s mouth in his slow, southern style.

Even though I am grown now and haven’t lived in the same small town as him for quite some time, I still hear “Dammit, Hali” when I call him up and say something like “Dad, I didn’t know what that little light meant on my car’s dashboard when it came on two days ago and now I have a flat tire.”

Yeah, foolish. Dammit, Hali.

{Want the full story? You can read that here.}





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