#OOTD: Transitioning into Fall

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OK, it isn’t exactly fall here in Charlotte, NC yet, but that didn’t stop me from pulling some of my favorite transitional fashion staples to create today’s outfit of the day.

Fall Wardrobe OOTD

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Remembering Our Wedding One Year Later

Remembering Our Wedding One Year Later

One year ago today I was the most stressed and panicked I had ever seen myself.

It was the day before our wedding and nothing was going the way it was supposed to. Our flowers didn’t arrive on time {you can read about that here}, our venue wasn’t decorated, and I was late to my own rehearsal because I had an actual breakdown trying to deal with all of this.

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Amazon Prime Wardrobe Fall Shoes Review

Amazon Prime Wardrobe Fall Shoes Review

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This post is in collaboration with Casey Sellers at The Big Blonde Brain. Head over to thebigblondebrain.com for a fall fashion Amazon Prime Wardrobe review. 

. . . 

I loathe shopping for shoes. As someone who generally loves to shop, shoe shopping honestly is one of my least favorite things to do.

There is just something about going into a store and trying on shoes that annoys the hell out of me.

I don’t want to sit down on some uncomfortable bench or chair and take off my own shoe so I can try-on a shoe that most likely is not going to fit my weird-shaped foot right. And then repeat that process over and over again until I maybe find one style that works for me. Plus, if I happen to find a pair of shoes that I like enough to think about buying, it never fails that the store won’t have my size.

Shoes, simply, are not something I want to spend money on.

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DIY Farmhouse Wall Shelf

DIY Farmhouse Wall Shelf

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I am thankful for a mama and daddy who taught me how to use power tools, sand and stain a piece of wood, hammer a nail, patch a hole, and paint a wall.

I feel like them teaching me these things from a young age helped foster my independence, as well as my do-it-myself attitude, and it allowed me to develop a love for creating things with my own hands. It’s just a really good, proud feeling when you can point to something and say, “I made that.”

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Lunch Breaks /// Old Navy Try-On

Thank you to all those who tuned in for the first episode of “Lunch Breaks with Hali” on Instagram Stories last week.

It was a lot of fun to grab a bunch of clothes and head to the dressing room for a try-on session at Old Navy.

Everything from my try-on is linked below. I know a lot of you already purchased the chambray shirt dress and twill field jacket because you loved them as much as I do!

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Laundry Room Refresh

Laundry Room Refresh

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This DIY project was our first as new homeowners, and looking ahead, it will most likely be the easiest that we tackle.

Since our laundry room is more like a laundry closet, this wasn’t an extensive renovation. We needed to maximize the small space, though, for functionality and storage.

Our washer and dryer were scheduled to be delivered two weekends after we moved in, and it was important to me to have this room redone before the appliances arrived. I knew once those bad boys went in, we would probably never get around to painting the walls around them.

So, my wonderful husband spent his Memorial Day holiday tackling the honey-do list I left for him.

First, he removed the old, metal closet shelf.

{I loathe these things and plan to remove ALL of them from every closet.}

Laundry Room Makeover Before

Then, he patched the enormous holes the shelf left behind.

Laundry Room Makeover Before

Next, he placed tape along where we wanted to install a chair rail.

Laundry Room Makeover Before

Then it was time to start painting!

Below the chair rail is Sherwin-Williams Extra White and above the chair rail is Sherwin-Williams Light French Gray (we used the same shade in our bedroom).

Laundry Room Makeover Before

Finally, we installed the chair rail that we had cut to size at Lowe’s.

Laundry Room Makeover

I then added a coat of bright white semi-gloss paint to the wall divider to give it a finished look.

The only thing missing from our reno project was a cabinet to go above the washer and dryer.

I really did not want to re-hang the white wire shelf that was there originally, but I also did not want to spend a car payment’s worth of money on a solution.

I spent several weeks stalking different Habitat for Humanity ReStores for wall cabinets in good condition at a good price. I wasn’t having any luck, though, and I was ready to complete this project since we had been working on it for much longer than planned.

I ended up finding this wall cabinet on sale at Lowe’s and figured it fit my budget and design well enough to go ahead and buy it.

Laundry Room Refresh

I still wanted open shelves above the washer and dryer, though.

So, one last trip to Lowe’s was needed to gather materials for our DIY farmhouse shelves. We were able to complete our project with a custom-cut piece of lumber, wood stain, and wall brackets.


I scored this industrial light fixture on Amazon for $18. It could not be more perfect for the farmhouse industrial vibe I was aiming for.


Finally, I finished off the room with decorative touches to make it homey. Laundry rooms can be pretty, too, y’all.

Laundry Room Refresh

It took a little longer than I expected — three months longer, to be exact — but I am thrilled at how beautiful and functional this space is now.

Want to see more home renovation projects and take a peek at how we’re fixing up our Carolina ranch? Follow me on Instagram to get the up-to-date scoop on how our home is coming along. 

Dammit, Hali


Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame Plant Hangers

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A couple weeks ago I shared on Instagram my favorite cozy corner in my home — in my master bathroom, to be specific  — and so many of you loved the macrame plant hangers I have above my bathtub.

I continue to receive direct messages asking me where I purchased those little darlings, but unfortunately they are no longer in stock at Target.

However, I was able to find some comparable ones on Amazon for you — some of them at a better price than what I paid for mine! Continue reading “Macrame Plant Hangers”

How I Keep Our Floors Clean with 3 Pets

How I Keep Our Floors Clean with 3 Pets

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When we bought our house in May, updating the floors immediately rose to the top of my home renovation to-do list. It’s somewhere between overhauling our backyard and gutting our master bathroom.

But thanks to our AC going out this July, replacing our current tile and laminate has fallen down the timeline and likely won’t be completed until spring.

That’s the joy of homeownership, right? It’s always something.

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Fun & Feminine Loft Summer Fashion Haul

Fun & Feminine Loft Summer Fashion Haul

Buttons and lace and ruffles — oh my!

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably saw that on Saturday I posted a photo of myself wearing a darling little white tank with the most perfect lace detail, and I promised a Loft summer fashion haul on the blog.

Well, here it is friends. I did a little damage online at Loft last week and treated myself to some new clothes since they had an additional 60-percent off sale items.

It’s mostly pretty tops that I can pair with denim shorts (a closet staple) for a clean and classic look, but everything is fun and ultra feminine.

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