10 Reasons to Postpone Your Honeymoon

10 Reasons to Postpone your Honeymoon

As my husband and I approach the two-month mark of wedded bliss, I become more and more thankful that we decided to delay our honeymoon.

September WeddingWe tied the knot in September this year and will vacation at Walt Disney World over Christmas — making it a full three months after our wedding to take our honeymoon (or Disneymoon as I like to call it).

When we first began tossing around ideas for honeymoon destinations (you can read about our initial planning here), we were about 10 months out from our big day. So, we had quite a bit of time to plan a trip if we wanted to leave the Sunday or Monday after the wedding — which is what we thought we would do.

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Beaver Dam Historic House

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

When we began planning our wedding, there weren’t many traditions we were keen on keeping.

Cake cutting? No thanks. We’d rather just grab a cupcake and mingle with our guests.

Bouquet and garter toss? Nah. We’re in our late-20s and most of our friends are already married, so throwing out a bouquet or a garter that had been strapped to my sweaty leg all day didn’t appeal to us. Plus, we didn’t want to take away from dancing during the reception. We just wanted to party.

However, there were some traditions we couldn’t part with. Like not seeing each other before the ceremony, a first dance and dances with our parents, and, of course, my something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

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My Asheville Bridal Portrait Session and The Special Meaning Behind These Photos

Now that our wedding has come and gone, I can finally share some of the images from my mountaintop bridal portrait session in my hometown of Asheville, NC.

As I mentioned in my 20-day wedding update, I wanted these images to capture exactly who I am — Disney nerd, motherless daughter, mountain girl.

I asked a friend from college who is an Asheville-based photographer to help me achieve my vision, and she did an incredible job — even though the request was kind of last minute.

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Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

I quickly learned during my first visit to Walt Disney World as an adult that footwear is everything when it comes to all-day comfort, and those stylish but flat sandals do not cut it.

My feet actually burned in pain after spending 12 hours our first day walking from one side of Magic Kingdom to the other and back in an extremely cute pair of sandals that had zero support.

Honestly, walking in those shoes all day was the equivalent of walking barefoot on concrete. If I had to take one more step in those, I probably would have laid down on the sidewalk and pitched a hissy fit that could put a tired and hungry two-year-old to shame.

That was the first and only time I made that mistake.

Nothing ruins a day in your favorite park quicker than painful feet. You are going spend several hours each day in whatever shoes you choose as you navigate parks (I average about 30,000 steps each day at WDW), so it is important to be thoughtful in regards to footwear.

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Memorial Day on Lake Norman

Memorial Day Weekend Recap and the Realization that I Would Be A Lot Happier if I Stopped Talking About the Future

I have a bad habit of constantly looking ahead to the future — to things I have no control over — and trying to plan life event after life event. And that annoying pet peeve in my personal behavior has never been more apparent to me until this past Memorial Day Weekend.

I love MDW because it signals the beginning of warm days here in Carolina. Traditionally, the fella and I welcome summer on Lake Norman each year with family and some of our closest friends. We grill out, drink beers, float in the water, and just have good, old-fashioned fun.

I was bobbing in the lake with a brewski in one hand and my new waterproof speaker in the other, having a major heart-to-heart with my best gal pal, when I started actually listening to what I was saying, and I was getting on my own nerves.

“This is our last summer in our current house, I want to get a picture of us in front of it.”

“Yeah, I plan on being pregnant next summer so I want to make the most of this one.” 

“Next year when we buy a house …” 

“Next year this … Next year that …”

Oh my gosh, just shut up and be present in the moment.

Memorial Day Weekend on Lake Norman

I would be a lot happier if I stopped talking about what may or may not happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, and just live for the joys I have today.

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Planning Our Walt Disney World Honeymoon with Tips & Secrets

Truth be told, I did not want a Disney World honeymoon.

Because we visit the house of mouse every other year (on average) I wrinkled my nose and shook my head from side to side whenever someone asked if we were planning to do Disney for our honeymoon.

“We want to do something different, something we have never done together before,” I would say to anyone willing to believe me.

For several months I researched cruises, Sandals destinations, and numerous other tropical getaways. I pitched idea after idea to my fella, but I never truly felt excited about any of the options I presented.

Finally, one day, we reached a decision. We were going to go as far south as we could in the United States. We were going to Key West.

We picked out our hotel, started a list of restaurants to grub at and bars to stumble out of, and we even saved ideas for fun excursions.

Then, we totaled it all up and our jaws hit the floor.

“We could take three Disney vacations for the cost of this one,”
were my exact words to Justin.

And that was that — that is the story of how we decided on Disney World for our honeymoon.

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Hali’s NC Brew Tour Month 3: Birthday Beers and the Arrival of Spring

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but 2017 is zooming by. I feel like I am running behind a bus, trying to catch it as it leaves the station. Come on now, it was just Christmas yesterday. Is there a pause button we can hit so I can stop to catch my breath?

While I would love it if time worked like that, I was actually excited to flip my calendar to March.

The third month of the year is always my favorite because it is my birth month and we see the first signs of spring as new life begins to blossom in the warming sun.

Catawba Peanut Butter Jelly TimeMarch is also when Catawba Brewing releases Peanut Butter Jelly Time. 

I was lucky enough to come home on the evening of my 27th birthday — after a long day at work and school — and find two cans of PB&J tucked behind a birthday card in my refrigerator.

My husband-to-be knows me too well.

That first can was the perfectly sweet treat I needed to end my birthday. The light brown ale blends together roasted peanuts and raspberry puree to create a unique flavor that truly tastes exactly like a PB&J sandwich in a glass. I say this as I release a heavy sigh of pure joy and delight.

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