Beaver Dam Historic House

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

When we began planning our wedding, there weren’t many traditions we were keen on keeping.

Cake cutting? No thanks. We’d rather just grab a cupcake and mingle with our guests.

Bouquet and garter toss? Nah. We’re in our late-20s and most of our friends are already married, so throwing out a bouquet or a garter that had been strapped to my sweaty leg all day didn’t appeal to us. Plus, we didn’t want to take away from dancing during the reception. We just wanted to party.

However, there were some traditions we couldn’t part with. Like not seeing each other before the ceremony, a first dance and dances with our parents, and, of course, my something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

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Memorial Day on Lake Norman

Memorial Day Weekend Recap and the Realization that I Would Be A Lot Happier if I Stopped Talking About the Future

I have a bad habit of constantly looking ahead to the future — to things I have no control over — and trying to plan life event after life event. And that annoying pet peeve in my personal behavior has never been more apparent to me until this past Memorial Day Weekend.

I love MDW because it signals the beginning of warm days here in Carolina. Traditionally, the fella and I welcome summer on Lake Norman each year with family and some of our closest friends. We grill out, drink beers, float in the water, and just have good, old-fashioned fun.

I was bobbing in the lake with a brewski in one hand and my new waterproof speaker in the other, having a major heart-to-heart with my best gal pal, when I started actually listening to what I was saying, and I was getting on my own nerves.

“This is our last summer in our current house, I want to get a picture of us in front of it.”

“Yeah, I plan on being pregnant next summer so I want to make the most of this one.” 

“Next year when we buy a house …” 

“Next year this … Next year that …”

Oh my gosh, just shut up and be present in the moment.

Memorial Day Weekend on Lake Norman

I would be a lot happier if I stopped talking about what may or may not happen tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, and just live for the joys I have today.

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Hali’s NC Brew Tour Month 2: Gearing up for summer brews and my aversion to hops

For those who aren’t aware, North Carolina had exceptionally beautiful weather in February with weekend temps hitting the low-80s and providing us with a small taste of what to expect in the coming months.

With warm weather comes good, cold beer, and I must admit that I broke the stout streak that I had going from January. It has simply been too warm for those dark, heavy beers I do so enjoy.

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Hali’s NC Brew Tour: Month 1

I (unofficially) kicked off Hali’s NC Brew Tour and began sipping away at my new “beers” resolution the second weekend in January as I spent Sunday Funday brewery hopping with friends.

Now, I call this the unofficial start because this particular outing was unexpected and last minute. I received a text message from one of my girlfriends that morning inviting Justin and I to meet up with her and her husband later that afternoon for drinks at NoDa Brewing. So, we joined them and one thing led to another, and before we knew it, we were sipping suds at Birdsong Brewing before ending the day at Free Range Brewing.

When I first thought up the idea of Hali’s NC Brew Tour and began planning, it didn’t occur to me how much craft beer I would be consuming at a time and how that might alter my memory of the brews I sample. On this first day-drinking stop on my brew tour, I learned that I need to take the time to carefully document my thoughts, capture images of each pour, but also have fun while doing it. Therefore, in this first monthly recap, you will not see many photos and my recollection of beers is based solely on what I plugged in to my Untappd account.

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