Current Favorites

Current Favorites

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I don’t think I have ever done a “current favorites” post before, but there are a few songs, artists and albums, pieces of clothing, Insta accounts, TV shows, shoes, etc. that I have genuinely been enjoying right now and had to share with y’all.

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My Favorite Budget Friendly Throw Pillow Hack

My Favorite Budget Friendly Throw Pillow Hack

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

I have had a blast decorating our new house and making it a home we will enjoy for years to come.

While I love picking out new furniture and decor, I am not exactly a fan of spending a ton of money on any of it. Especially on throw pillows.

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Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame Plant Hangers

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

A couple weeks ago I shared on Instagram my favorite cozy corner in my home — in my master bathroom, to be specific  — and so many of you loved the macrame plant hangers I have above my bathtub.

I continue to receive direct messages asking me where I purchased those little darlings, but unfortunately they are no longer in stock at Target.

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Amazon Roundup /// 6 Things You Need If You Are TTC

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A few months ago I shared that my husband and I have been trying to conceive since December and so far haven’t had any success.

The last several months have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and stress for both of us, but despite all of the negatives, it’s still an exciting time in our life together as we wait for a miracle (if you have ever been TTC, you know that a baby is, in fact, a miracle).

With that being said, here are the six things I keep stocked in my bathroom while we are trying for a baby. The best part is, they’re all available on Amazon Prime so I never have to physcially shop for them in the store. Whenever I’m running low on something, I simply submit my Amazon order and it arrives in two days!

Amazon Roundup-01

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Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

I quickly learned during my first visit to Walt Disney World as an adult that footwear is everything when it comes to all-day comfort, and those stylish but flat sandals do not cut it.

My feet actually burned in pain after spending 12 hours our first day walking from one side of Magic Kingdom to the other and back in an extremely cute pair of sandals that had zero support.

Honestly, walking in those shoes all day was the equivalent of walking barefoot on concrete. If I had to take one more step in those, I probably would have laid down on the sidewalk and pitched a hissy fit that could put a tired and hungry two-year-old to shame.

That was the first and only time I made that mistake.

Nothing ruins a day in your favorite park quicker than painful feet. You are going spend several hours each day in whatever shoes you choose as you navigate parks (I average about 30,000 steps each day at WDW), so it is important to be thoughtful in regards to footwear.

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Friday Favorites: Lemon Love

Friday Favorites: Lemon Love

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but lemons are definitely in season right now. And I don’t hate it.

I have actually had to pump the breaks and stop myself from buying all things lemon — from shorts, cute shoes, stylish tops, and even home decor.

The pop of bright, zesty yellow makes for a perfect summer hue. Plus, all these lemon patterns are fun, flirty, and feminine.

Here are some of my favorites that I have loaded into online shopping carts over the last week:

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Stocking stuffers for him

Stockings are possibly my most favorite part of Christmas morning. It doesn’t matter how old I get, I look forward to rummaging through that oversized sock more than anything else — slowly reaching my hand all the way to the bottom to reveal all sorts of prized knickknacks I probably do not need.

I don’t just love getting a stocking, though, I cherish stuffing Justin’s stocking, too. And yes, the 13-year-old that lives inside of me is fighting the urge to make an inappropriate joke out of that statement. I’ll spare you, though.

Even during the Christmases that Justin and I were already struggling to put food on the table each day, we still managed to fill our stockings with small trinkets in an attempt to keep this holiday tradition alive.

So, believe me when I say that Christmas stockings are my thing and I believe that I have mastered the fine art of filling them — sometimes even over filling them — with goodies. I take the time each year to find a variety of items for my fella’s stocking — from toys and games to candy and coffees and CDs and socks and beyond.


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What to get the NC craft beer lover on your holiday shopping list

What to get the NC craft beer lover on your holiday shopping list

I am a lover of craft beer, especially when it is made in my home state of North Carolina. I know I am not the only human in Cackalacky who avidly supports the more than 180 homegrown breweries and brewpubs of our state.

North Carolina is home to the largest number of craft breweries in the American South. The industry has an annual economic impact of $1.2 billion on the state and provides roughly 10,000 jobs paying $300 million in annual wages (North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild).

Wow. That’s huge.

With that being said, here are five gift ideas for the NC craft beer lover on your shopping list.

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