Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

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I quickly learned during my first visit to Walt Disney World as an adult that footwear is everything when it comes to all-day comfort, and those stylish but flat sandals do not cut it.

My feet actually burned in pain after spending 12 hours our first day walking from one side of Magic Kingdom to the other and back in an extremely cute pair of sandals that had zero support.

Honestly, walking in those shoes all day was the equivalent of walking barefoot on concrete. If I had to take one more step in those, I probably would have laid down on the sidewalk and pitched a hissy fit that could put a tired and hungry two-year-old to shame.

That was the first and only time I made that mistake.

Nothing ruins a day in your favorite park quicker than painful feet. You are going spend several hours each day in whatever shoes you choose as you navigate parks (I average about 30,000 steps each day at WDW), so it is important to be thoughtful in regards to footwear.

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Relationships on parade

WARNING: Offensive content ahead. Continue reading at your own risk. 

I understand and respect that not all relationships are the same — what keeps a friend’s relationships going probably won’t work for Justin and me, and that is OK. However, living in a time when social media is the end all be all of all things, there has been a steady rise in the amount of information we all share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else is popular these days.

I feel like it has become an expectation to post relationship and family updates regularly to social media — if it’s not on Facebook, it’s not official — and I have reached a point in my life where I no longer agree with that. I’m not talking about the occasional “Hey, we’re on vacation!” post; I’m talking about the constant, almost daily updates people share. These posts usually have no value and are repetitive.

Lately, I have really been paying attention to the details of my life that I blast out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and I try to think about what I share and why before I hit “post.”

I have cut back on the pictures of the two of us and the “cute” moments I share. Those are our memories and one day it occurred to me that sharing them with all our friends and family on Facebook and Instagram takes away their specialness. By posting to social media we’re inviting everyone in on what should have been special for just us. We have even been practicing putting our phones away at dinner and when we’re doing things together. Doing this has brought us closer because we’re not focusing our attention on “checking-in” somewhere or picking the best filter for a photo update of ourselves. We don’t need people to know we’re having fun for us to actually enjoy our time together.

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