What It’s Like Having a Miscarriage as a Motherless Daughter

What It’s Like Having a Miscarriage as a Motherless Daughter

One of the things I take pride in on Dammit, Hali is my willingness to provide raw, real stories from my personal experiences.


I Wasn’t Expecting This

I Wasn’t Expecting This

I penned this several weeks ago but never published it. Today, I revisited it, added to it, and decided to dump my heart into it.

Trying to conceive has been one of the most emotionally draining times in my life and my husband’s life, and I was not prepared for all of the ups and downs that come with it. And unless you’ve been through it, you absolutely cannot relate — sorry.  I have spoken to several women who also are struggling TTC or have struggled, and I know that I am not alone in the range of emotions I have experienced over the last (almost) year.

Like many of my more emotional pieces, I debated posting this because it is vulnerable and raw, and I acknowledge that not everyone likes to read that type of content. However, one of my favorite things about blogging is that, through my content, I am able to connect with people (some I have never even met) who are in similar life stages as me or have similar experiences.

What I do here on Dammit, Hali might seem silly to some, but to the ones who get it and relate to the things I share, I welcome you with an open heart. Hopefully this post finds its way to someone — who, like me — occasionally needs a reminder that they are not alone on this journey. 

. . . 

As I was stepping out of the shower this morning, I began thinking about all the events (vacations, weddings, celebrations, etc.) my husband and I have coming up in the next several months, and I immediately said to myself, “Damn, I really thought I would be pregnant for all of these things; I thought I would be pregnant by now.”

But, it turns out, that is not the case.

I wasn’t expecting this.

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Amazon Roundup /// 6 Things You Need If You Are TTC

Disclosure: Contains affiliate links. 

A few months ago I shared that my husband and I have been trying to conceive since December and so far haven’t had any success.

The last several months have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions and stress for both of us, but despite all of the negatives, it’s still an exciting time in our life together as we wait for a miracle (if you have ever been TTC, you know that a baby is, in fact, a miracle).

With that being said, here are the six things I keep stocked in my bathroom while we are trying for a baby. The best part is, they’re all available on Amazon Prime so I never have to physcially shop for them in the store. Whenever I’m running low on something, I simply submit my Amazon order and it arrives in two days!

Amazon Roundup-01

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Today, I Sat In My Office and Cried

Today, I Sat In My Office and Cried

{Photo credit: Alisha Rudd Photography}

As you read this, please take away these two things:

Be kind to every person you meet. Everyone is fighting a battle no one else knows about.

Please, please, please never ask a couple when they’re going to have a baby. That is one of the most personal and intimate questions you can ask, and you probably have no clue whether or not they’re dealing with infertility or other issues preventing them from getting pregnant. If someone offers up that information freely to you, so be it. But, please, never pry.

It is no secret that Justin and I have wanted children for quite some time now. I even wrote about it in 2015 after returning from Disney World.

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